STX3 Standard

Association for the standardization of interfaces in the automotive industry

License and Terms of Use

Status 28.01.2010
Between the STX3 eV, PR Bruchsal, hereafter "Licensor" and the licensee will be completed following user agreement:


1. Subject

In the licensed unit is a data description of vehicles with corresponding address data. Licensed version 1.x, published by the Association STX3 from 01.12.2008. Minor version updates the standards are included. STX3 and STX3 logo are registered trademarks. The licensee receives a structured description in the form of an XML schema (XSD) file. This is in electronic form, for example made available via a download from the web site of the STX3 eV. By ticking the confirmation symbol, and the requirement of the aforementioned STX3 description of this User Agreement, the licensee agrees.

2. Right of use

Der Lizenzgeber räumt dem Lizenznehmer ein einfaches, räumlich und zeitlich unbegrenztes Nutzungsrecht ein. Dieses gilt nur für die unter 1. beschriebene Version.

2. A.

The licensor grants the licensee a simple, spatially and temporally unlimited right. This only applies to under 1 described version.

2. B.

Commercial use is allowed only after a completed authorization under The entry in the public list of all authorized users on authorization for the licensee has completed. Users, third party software products that are authorized licensee of STX3, use to create the STX3 records are excluded from this authorization requirement.

2. C.

The disclosure of the records is permitted only to licensees who have been authorized via the website The records must comply with the STX3 - be provided authorization ID. Users who use software products from authorized licensees, send the authorization ID of the records.

2. D.

The license applies only to the natural or legal person whose data were reported during the download. The information must be complete and truthful.

3. Prohibited uses forms

3. A.

A disclosure, publication or reproduction of STX3 structure in the form of XML schemas or a description is allowed only to authorized users, and with the written approval of the Association. This applies in particular to the provision of access via a URL in the internet.

3. B.

A change or extension of STX3 structure as the XML version of the scheme under 1 described is prohibited as a result of any use of the name STX3 and any reference to STX3. A translation of the description in other languages ​​is permitted only to authorized users, and with the written approval of the Association.

3. C.

A transfer of the pattern into other formats such as description XML DTD is allowed only for internal purposes of production for external disclosure is in turn STX3 any use of the name and any reference to STX3 prohibited.


4. Deprivation of rights

If the Licensee against any of the listed in paragraph 2 and 3 conditions, the use license can be revoked. This also applies if the licensee proven defective under the name STX3, ie not created STX3 the corresponding data structure, or brings into circulation. Previously paid fees will not be refunded.

5. Warranty and Liability

5. A.

The Licensor does not guarantee any properties or further use or uses of the content structure of STX3 data. The creation and acceptance of STX3 records and their accuracy is the sole responsibility of the licensee.

5. B.

The Licensor makes no warranty, liability or responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of information from the licensee or accepted data.

5. C.

The Licensee shall indemnify the Licensor from all claims, damages, or economic disadvantages of third parties which may result from the creation, adoption and dissemination of data STX3. This is especially true for unlicensed data or older versions.

6. Rights

The licensee is not entitled to STX3 data structure or parts thereof in its own name or write or enter national or international industrial property rights (eg patents, utility or design patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.) or register to leave or register let. The same applies for Internet domains that contain a "STX3" as an ingredient.

STX3 and STX3 logo are registered trademarks. The use of the logo is only the members of the Association STX3 e.V. and authorized users allowed after consultation with and permission from the STX3 e.V.

7. Effectiveness

To this User Agreement is solely German law under exclusion of international agreements apply. Oral or other ancillary agreements. Changes or additions to the user agreement shall be effective compliance in writing.

Jurisdiction for all disputes in connection with this User Agreement is Bruchsal.